From:Jim Godo Electronic:sbjg2 -A-
Subject:Harley Hummer Date:Tue Jan 17 12:20:32 2012
Hi Hummer fans. This is my first post on this site.(been a member for a year) my bike is a 51S. Just thought the members would like to check out the hummers that sold recently at the Auctions America by RM motorcycle auction in Vegas. The auction was held Jan 12-14 2012. There were 4 hummers in the auction. I did not attend the auction so I did not see the Bikes "in the flesh" but they sure look good! Hummer fans may want to take a look. Use Google and type-in Auctions America by RM. Then go to auction results for 2012, this will then show Auction results. If you click on this tab it will give you the results, and shows the hummers with color photos. The bikes are listed alphabetically, just keep scrolling till you get to the Harley section.
thanks, Jim