From:EDD McGrath Electronic:whenisell -A-
Subject:RE: MYSTERY Los Angeles 125 club Date:Sun Jan 22 08:33:47 2012
I do not have any factual information about the “Los Angeles 125 Club” but as a veteran of the era I would speculate that the “Los Angeles 125 Club” was so named because BSA built a 125 engine that was nearly identical to the Harley 125. Of course both engines were built from German plans as part of WWII reparations.

In our small “club” of four guys in the Midwest in the early 1950’s we had a 1949 Harley 125, a 1952 Harley 125, a new 1953 BSA 125 and a new 1953 250cc Indian Brave (English made). It is hard to appreciate now how important the British bikes were in the early 1950’s.