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Subject:RE: AMCA vs. Blackhawk Chapter - Davenport Dispute. Date:Wed Jan 25 00:07:22 2012
Response to:16853
here is the davenport web site. go to news letters. all the answers are here.

Is anyone following the dispute between the AMCA and the local Blawkhawk Davenport chapter?

Can anyone provide details that make logical sense?

Initially, I thought that the AMCA demoted the Davenport status from being a "NATIONAL" event, to now only a "REGIONAL" event.

However, after doing some research, the way I now understand it, is that the Blackhawk chapter (not the AMCA) actually voted against keeping Davenport a NATIONAL event, and instead voted to make it a regional event only.

Why on earth, would the Blackhawk club, NOT want to keep Davenport, as a National event?

This doesnt make any sense to me.

Sort of like shooting yourself in the foot, on purpose!

Anyone know the answers?