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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 1966 Scat Date:Tue Feb 7 10:53:27 2012
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You've got a 1963, 1964 or 1965 Scat. These came with a magneto-equipped (no battery) 175cc "B" engine. The serial number should look like 63 BTH xxxx (or 64 or 65).

Apparently the engine died and someone put a 1948-1952 generator-equipped 125cc "S" engine in it. Any of the engines will bolt into any of the frames and work. The serial number on your engine is totally bogus.

The Scat's magneto engine did not use a battery or regulator, so there's no place on the frame to mount them, and those have to be jerry-rigged in place. Other things like gas line, etc. also have to be "field-fitted".

The exhaust system is (I think) from a mid-1950's to 1962 Hummer, 165 or Pacer. The Scat used a very different exhaust system. I'm not sure if the Scat exhaust pipe will hook up to the early-model engine or not.

A good right-side picture of a 1963 Scat can be found under "Member's Bikes". Scroll down to 1963 Scat and click on "Tom & Greg Van Beek".

Oh well. Ride it and enjoy it.

Start looking for an engine and exhaust system from a 1963-64-65 Scat. There are only very minor differences between the bikes of those three years. They're out there, but it will take some hunting.