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Subject:RE: RE: Light/wiring/ignition switch issue??? Date:Mon Feb 13 12:06:53 2012
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Either the switch is bad (less likely) or the wires are not in the right place (more likely). I think it's possible to have the wires hooked up wrong and have the ignition work, but not the lights.

Operation - quoted from the 1948 Model 125 Riders Hand Book

"The switch is turned to the LEFT [counter-clockwise] for parking with tail lamp, CENTER (straight across) to turn off all lights and ignition, FIRST RIGHT for ignition only, and SECOND RIGHT for ignition and running lights (head lamp and tail lamp)."

1) Make sure the switch is installed correctly - it could be rotated 180 degrees. The hinge of the lock cover should be on the left.

2) Now check the wiring and make sure the wires go to the correct place. Go over to How To Restore, click on Chapter 66 Wiring, then click on PDF next to Model 165. The arrangement of the terminals should match what you see there. Check the wires using the color codes if you have an original wiring harness. If not, use the Ohms function of a $10 Radio Shack multimeter.

Below is a section of the wiring diagram from a 1948 Model 125 - slight differences from the 165, but mostly the same.

If everything's correct, then it must be inside the switch. Let us know how you make out.


forgot to clarify, it doesn't work with the ignition switch in any position. Thanks

trying to figure out why my headlight doesn't work. Is the first click on ignition switch to give starting circuit power and the second click for lights? If I short the hot post(front of switch,2nd from left) on the ignition switch to the light circuit post(front of switch,far right post) on ignition switch, the lights work and will turn on and off with the handlebar switch. Does this sound like a ignition switch issue? other possibles?