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Subject:RE: PICTURES - I RODE MY HUMMER ON MEMORIAL DAY Date:Tue Feb 28 02:28:59 2012
Response to:15906
Yes, Dave, I vividly remember your post last year. Too bad
you weren't dressed appropriately to make the photo more
"authentic"! But, a good photo, and a great story,

Memorial Day 2011

It was hot in Virginia today - about 95. We had my sister-
in-law's family over for the obligatory hamburgers on the
grille. After the festivities were over, I took my 1955
Harley Hummer out for a ride, heading for some local
picturesque photo-opportunity spots.

I had only gone about two miles, when I spotted three
beautiful young women standing at the entrance to a farm
just down our road. They were wearing summer outfits with
big hats to keep the hot sun off their delicate faces. They
had many suitcases and it looked like they were either
stranded travelers, or perhaps they were running away from

I pulled my mighty Harley Hummer into a sliding U-turn, and
quickly headed back to offer whatever genteel assistance I
could provide to these beautiful young ladies - who were
obviously in distress...


You're probably thinking I set this up so I could write a
good story, but no, it was simply serendipity. The three
girls had concocted some fantasy story, found a location,
dressed up, and acted the parts while taking photographs of
each other. For some reason, they chose my road.

I failed to retain the entire storyline, being engulfed by
concupiscence at the the time. But I hope that as they
assemble the photographs, they'll fondly remember "the old
guy on the old motorcycle" who stopped by, as I will fondly
remember meeting three beautiful young women standing by the
side of a farm road that hot afternoon.

Whoever you are, thank you for the memories.
Dave Hennessey