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Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: 59-65 Speedo Brackets Date:Wed Mar 7 21:40:13 2012
Response to:17083
Oh Yes, The Bobcat speedo was mounted above the top plate in a bucket so no bracket was needed. I do have copies of parts books for sale if you want to come in with the times...


Cmon Mutt, do you believe the 48-60 parts book as good as
I have these brackets "off bike" and "on bike", Hmm, what are the odds?
I welcome you to come to Washington and see what my Father,"The Hummer King" has left me and the records he kept!
My Father has been to your place and saw what you have in stock, yep, a few nos parts in containers but he said he laughed inside as to what you actually have.

Enjoy your 48-66 parts book history my friend, I have many years of documentation from the Hummer King, hell, he raced these bikes before we were born!

Oh a side note:

Brent/Dave, I have a cd copy of old films of my Father racing these bikes in the late 50's early 60's, when I can get my older siblings to let me know who is Dad I will send it in.


Who ya trying to kid Leroy? The 1948-1960 parts book clearly shows the bracket ya have labeled as 63-65 !!!
H-D wouldn't draw a picture of a bracket that wouldn't have come out for another 3 years. That you have labeled as "60" is the same as the old original 1952 WWII Willys Jeep I had. Excluding the Bobcat (because I have never messed with a Bobcat, except rebuilding a couple of 66 BT motors)I am 99% certain that the bracket was of only one type.


Perhaps I can figure out how to send a pic?
Mutt, You have only seen one bracket for these 59- 65 speedos?
I have an original 60,and a few original 62-65's with differant brackets, again original.

I do not have a 59 but, I would presume it is the same as a 60? I do not have an original 61 so I don't know which year they changed the bracket, 60, 61?.

Perhaps someone out in Hummer land has a 59 or 61 to compare?

Dave, another page for our how to restore section?

Funny how 1 part might make a difference?


Still $250 grand and you can have my inventory, tools and know how...