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Subject:RE: RE: RE: SSBC Meet Date:Mon Mar 12 11:12:40 2012
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Front view.

Stupid picture didn't work.

Hey Brent, The cover we found was out of my price range, I think the seller caught on, but I found something even better!! It looks to be an NOS fitting, with the original velosity cone still atached!! I had to mount it on my ST this morning just to see how it looks. I have to tell ya I was so excited I almost pee'ed on the floor. (it's been a long winter) I do like the idea about using Nitrogen, I need a bottle that will fit in the oil can holder and... I'll have to post pictures when it's done.

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I REALLY appreciate the postings and the photos. You've made the event come alive for those of us that couldn't be there! You are definitely 'Keepin'm Hummin'. Thanks again! So, did anyone buy the air cooled points cover? I would think liquid nitrogen would be better :-)