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Subject:RE: 1st 165 off the line for 1956 available Date:Tue Mar 13 10:11:11 2012
Response to:17123
Travis, that's a super great find. Post a good pic of the VIN and the belly numbers please

Hi there fellow Hummer enthusiasts,
I have the first Harley 165 off the production line for 1956 and it is available. Maybe this was your bike when you were a kid or maybe this is your birth year? What ever your reason for wanting it it is a very unique opportunity to own any first off the line Harley ! I bought this bike last year and got it running with a minimum of effort.I then took it all apart, except the engine and cleaned it up and re-greased everything and just kept it as-is. It is NOT 100% original as it was custom painted by the kid who owned it and he put 13K miles on it so it is not perfect, but is a very good example and you can ride it as it is or restore it if that is what you fancy. The handle bars have been welded and it had a pee-pad on the rear fender so there are extra holes, but other than that it is correct and everything works. I have detailed pictures of all the parts both off the bike and back together. If interested email me directly at or call 719-641-6484 thanks and keep on Hummering, Travis