From:robert eichner Electronic:reichner41 -A-
Subject:RE: 1949 125 for sale Date:Wed Mar 21 18:03:20 2012
Response to:17184

Hey everybody,
I picked up this really nice 1949 at the Nebraska AMCA meet. The elderly gentleman had owned it for 30 years and had started work on it,but never finished it. It has excellent sheet metal and a really nice original Amp meter, a brand new old stock made in America battery, brand new made in usa rear chain, and brand new "rubber bands". The engine needed a new piston installed and a NOS one will include.The cylinder has already been bored for the new piston. I will sell this bike as is or install the piston and get it running, but that will of course add to the price. The only parts missing are the horn and the tool box. It will need new cables, rubber parts, wiring harness and any other parts you would replace for a restoration. I wanted to offer this and my 1956 165 here first before listing them on ebay or craigs list. Email me directly or call 719-641-6484 thanks, Travis