From:Gary Morgan
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: 55 humber Date:Fri Mar 30 22:15:30 2012
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Kill switches, pulling plug wires and electrical tape are all really good ideas, but I enjoyed Duane's suggestion the best. (FIFTY CALIBER BARRETT SNIPER RIFLE) Can you think of a better way to stimulate the economy? One new rebuilt engine every time you ride...of course you may only get in one ride a year:)



You're right 99.99% of the time - I caught you on that .01%, and I just had to gloat about it.

The little piece of electrical tape was I an idea I never thought about. Good trick!

Mutt is Hummer Club member #507 - from about 1983-1985 - wow - we been doing this Hummer stuff a long time together...


Dave, I'm wrong more than I'm right !!! I was thinking about the tank, not the year model. You're right on the 55-57 B and the 62 ranger, in which case , don't pull the plug wire off the bike, just put a piece of electrical tape on the spark plug terminal and put the plug wire back on it. It only a second and ya can't see it, and no body would think to look !!!

Mutt - you're wrong! The 1955-1957 Hummer plug wire is part of the ignition coil, so you can't put it in your pocket.
(This is the first time I've ever caught Mutt making a mistake - probably the last time too).

Chuck - since you can't switch the plug wire, they would have had to run two wires from the points to the switch. Perhaps they could have gotten away with one wire and still have the switch point in the normal direction?

What surprises me is that they made a different tank for the Hummer in 1955 when they could have just made a "cover" like they did for the speedometer. They could have used the 165 ignition switch trim ring, just without the switch hole in the middle.

The Hummer tank is simpler to make, but requires retooling and stocking 2 different tanks for the lightweights. I guess they were planning on strong sales of the Hummer, and it was worth it to retool for the new tank.

Without a fork lock, almost any motorcycle of the era could be hot-wired with a piece of wire with alligator clips on each end, although you might not have lights.

Some alligator clips come with wire-piercing pins in them - great for those extra tough jobs.


Always wondered why they eliminated the key switch...just money? So no theft protection without it...why?

The ignition cutout button located directly in front of the points cover.

What kills the engine on a 1955 hummer?