Subject:RE: RE: tanks/valves Date:Thu Apr 5 12:46:47 2012
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That's 1950 and later.
Gotcha, Dave

Hey tho the petcocks ain't correct, they do look the part, especially if ya strip the chrome aqnd god irridite them as the originals were. These are marketed for 55-74 Sportsters. They work perfect



The tank valves are a real problem. My Hummer is pretty close to perfect except for the "lawnmower" valve I had to add to the gas line. I have several original valves, but they all leak.

There are a lot of people with the same problem, and it'd be a real service to the Hummer community if you could make them.

Most everything on the older Harleys were designed to last forever, and be serviced and rebuilt. The '51-later valves were not, and instead of a $1 repair job, they've become a major pain in everyone's rear end.



The two most frequent customer requests:

Tank valves. Available repro but worthless.

Tanks. Available used (occasionally) but rusted, most not useable.

That said and since no one else has or will, I am committed to making both the early (brass) and later (pot metal) valves yet this year. I don't need the work so if anyone else wants to do this, please advise.

That said, I am in preliminary design stage for doing the tanks. It would be a fun project that would take around
5 months since I would have to design/build another press
to handle the new dies I would also need to design/make.

Anyone want to do this one, please advise.
Comments welcome.