Subject:RE: chains Date:Fri Apr 6 11:42:14 2012
Response to:17240
Both chains have been sold. Thanks

I have for sale (2) NOS rear drive chains (1) is -47 (112 links) for the 48-52 125 and 55-59 B models, the other is -53 (114 links) for the 53-59 ST 165 models . These aren't just your average chains. These are what actually came on the bikes when they rolled off the Factory floor. They are Diamond brand, BI-colored, masterlink-less chains !!! If you are REALLY restoring your bike to 100 points, ya need one of these chains. AMCA rules state that ya have to use the "best available reproduction part" or points can be taken off. If you have a rear chain with a masterlink, it's wrong. If you have a single color chain, it's wrong.Why use repop or new manufacture rear chain, when ya got teh opportunity to own the REAL THING.
Anyone doing a 100 point restore that needs a REAL chain? These are both in MINT condition, never installed.
Email me. First come, first served.