Subject:RE: RE: RE: chains Date:Sat Apr 7 09:43:37 2012
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Some folks want a bike just to ride. Doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it runs and rides. Some folks want a real nice looking bike, and some folks desire the challenge of restoring one of these bikes to the utmost original as possible.
Original NOS chains are not as 'nearly impossible to find " as you may think. I have had 4 in the last 6 months.You just got to know where to look. Some of the "parts hoarders" here probably have box loads of them, but they just continue to sit on them, instead of selling them to people who want to use them.
I find far more NOS original chains than used take aart spark plugs.

The AMCA recognizes that certain items are expected to wear out and be replaced. If the availability today of original parts is extremely limited, the restorer is allowed to use the "best reproduction available".

(We'd have to look in the AMCA Judging Handbook for their exact wording).

Chains, tires, spark plugs, and seat covers are examples.

Original tires (not dry-rotted and cracked) are nearly impossible to find. Original chains are nearly impossible to find.

The take-apart spark plugs used on the earlier lightweights are available. They're pretty expensive, but you can still find them. I don't know if there's a clear consensus of judges on this matter.

Obviously a bike with perfect original parts is "better" than one with "best reproduction available" parts.

But we can take this to the point of absurdity. Jay Leno can afford the "only one left in the whole world" part - but the rest of us can't, and are not expected to.

Is a bike with original gas and oil "better" than one with "replacement" gas and oil?


Has anyone ever had points taken off for a master link???