From:badger34 e-mail:outboundtrain(a)
Subject:RE: 1954 hummer Date:Sat Apr 21 21:31:59 2012
Response to:17298
Pictures would help greatly to help determine a value if you can do that. Otherwise much more info is required, orig paint, conserved or restored and when? running condition? originality? I'm no expert but I myself would research recent eBay sales of like condition cycles for some help.

I'm wondering if you might be able to share the sellers name or some of his company history? I'd be very interested to know what plant or departments he worked in and during what years because my grandfather worked at H-D Juneau Avenue for 41 years and I own a 1956 ST165 one family owned bike. It was purchased through the factory office in 1955 and my grandfather used it to commute back and forth to work. Could be the seller and my grandfather may have known or known of each other. Is the bike in Wisconsin?

I found a 1954 hummer 165 from the original owner..its in excelent condition, the guy worked at harley for 35 yrs and is retired he still rides but wants to sell , Does anyone have any idea how much this bike is worth?....its in excelent condition.....Thanks Doug.