From:Jerry Paul Anderson
Subject:RE: Jackie Dean Rides Again! Date:Mon Apr 23 19:52:19 2012
Response to:17302

In high school one of my heroes was Jackie Dean Anderson. He
rode a blue 1951 125, then a blue 1952 125, then a blue 1952
Model K "45" (750 cc). All the while I rode a humble Cushman

Last Thursday, 4/19/2012, I rode my blue 1953 165 50 miles to
Cleburne TX for our monthly Class-of-1956 lunch. Jackie Dean
had only recently learned about our monthly get-together, and
so he drove in from Burleson, about 20 miles distant. For the
first time since 1952 Jackie Dean sat on a Harley two-stroke!

I invited Jackie Dean to ride around the block but he didn't
feel comfortable with the idea because he hadn't ridden a
motorcycle in forty-plus years. "I know what you're up to,"
Jackie Dean said; "You're trying to give me the itch." I pled