From:Kurt Webster
Subject:RE: Looking for some advice on my '59 165 Date:Fri Apr 27 21:20:28 2012
Response to:17318
Thanks for the info Doug. I didn't realize there was such an
issue with the "modern" batteries. I'm not entirely sure
that the current battery is shot. I would imagine it could
be though. Is there not a way to restore the original
battery if it isn't holding a charge?

I believe it is the original battery or could be one bought
40 - 50 years ago. I'm not going to get rid of it, that's
for sure. I kinda like the fact that it has the Harley name
on it. Even if it can't be restored, I will clean it up a
bit and use it to show with the bike if I ever decide to do

With regards to your question Doug, about whether I want to
go for a ride or win best of show... First and foremost, I
would like to be able to ride it. After all, that is what
it's for. Don't get me wrong, I realize that the bike is
basically an antique and should be treated with care, which
it will. I'm just not ready to pack it away in the back of
the garage for safe keeping.

You mentioned wiring up your bike with turn indicators. I
don't imagine that was too difficult. But, how much
modification to the bike had to be done. The reason I ask,
is because I was going through the papers and books that my
dad still had for the bike and found a couple old black and
white photos of the bike. These pics show the bike (if I am
right about it being the same bike) done up with all the
accessories, looking like what I would consider a cruiser. I
don't have the pic in front of me, but I'm fairly sure it
had turn indicators, windshield, a highway bar and possibly
more. I think this might be how the bike was purchased, then
my grandfather pulled all of it off. Anyways, it makes me
wonder if there's some groundwork already laid for turn
indicators. I'll have to grab those pics from my brother.

I think this bike is making me ramble on. LOL!

Kurt, Search the messages for "battery", and "regulator"
you'll find lots of info. Also check the how to Restore
section, chapter 71, Battery. this section doesn't suggest
the solutions 'xcept maybe check with Duane & Leroy, There
are aftermarket boxes that look like the stock battery (or
hollow out the one you have, toxic- beware) and install a
new type battery that fits inside the box. Doug


You'd probably have to get clarification from Duane on his
products. He does know his stuff, and a whole lot about
these bikes. The Stock battery isn't made in a quality
trustable in this application. The batteries cyrently made
in this size are rumored to be made overseas and have
assembly and design problems so even on a show(never ridden)
bike might fail. I'm guessing here the box looks like the
stock battery and the battery is a new battery of new
construction and shape, shipped dry to conform to shipping
regulations. You'd have to go to your local battery
maintenance shop to get it filled with acid, (then give it a
topping up charge). The loss of "wear items" is a common
problem on this 60 year bike, the obsolete battery problem
on these bikes is often solved this way.


Hi All. Sorry to keep everyone hanging. It's been a pretty
busy week so far. Thank you all for the advice so far. It
will come in handy, I'm sure.
I just received the wiring harness today and I have the
1958-1966 Harley-Davidson Parts Service Colors Accessories
Manual on the way. Yay! So, if all goes well, I will have
the bike mostly wired this weekend.
I still need to get my hands on a voltage regulator and a
battery. Which, poses a couple more questions. I saw some
battery info on the Taylor Classic Cycles site. They show
the 66001-47 and also a 66001-47S. Their description of the
47S says that it's the box the battery goes into. And, the
47 says it's a "dry charge" battery that fits into the 47S.
I've seen other places describe the 66001-47 as an acid
filled battery. So, what's the difference? Or is there a
difference? And, why the two parts instead of just a plain
ole battery? Where's a good place to get the voltage
regulator from? Or should I say where should I not get it


Hello All. I'm new here and I've been doing some research on
the ole family bike, so that I can get it back to running
condition. Just a little background before I as my
question(s). The 165 has been in the family since 1962. My
Grandfather purchased it used for $200. (And I still have
the original sales receipt) My dad and grandfather rode it
quite a bit back then, even my aunt until she put the dent
in the tank. It's been kept in very good condition and it's
been garage kept all these years. The last time it was run
was approx 8 years ago after my grandfather passed. Dad ran
it up and down the street, showed it off to the neighbors
and then drained the fluids, polished it up and then got it
down the stairs to the basement where it sat until just
about 3 years ago. Nobody has been able to get the bike
kick-started the last 8 years. They've always had to run and
clutch it. And, here we come to my questions.
My dad would prefer that I found parts from 1959, as the
bike is 100% original as it sits now. I know that's not
going to be entirely possible. The wire harness is fraying
and the wires themselves have started breaking. There is
some light corrosion inside the voltage regulator. The
battery seems that it might also need to be replaced. The
carb is clean and the motor turns but doesn't start. I've
already ordered a Hummer Emporium wiring harness and the
fuse holder and clamp. Outside the wiring issue and maybe
the voltage regulator keeping it from kicking over, are
there any suggestions as to why it would jump start but not
kick? Coil?
I'm not mechanically deficient and I can usually narrow
things down. But, I thought it might be best to ask some of
the veterans before taking too much originality away from
it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.