From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: 125 primary assembly Date:Mon Apr 30 22:07:28 2012
Response to:17329

It is possible for the cover to be gouged by the clutch (I have an example of this) I'm guessing that the clutch wasn't bottomed on the shaft maybe the splines are holding are holding the hub out and the clutch isn't pressed back into its seat.

My case has some indications that the hub nut interfered with the rotation of the clutch basket after it fell of & bounced around in the clutch- case interference is possible, you'll have to take it apart to find out. Sorry.

Is the chain in alignment?


I put the engine for my 49 125 back together. Everything went well, until I got to the primary cover. Prior to putting the cover on everything turned correctly, the clutch worked. Once I put the cover in place everything seemed to bind up. Its not like a solid stop, almost seems like the clutch (or something) is hitting the cover and binding somehow. Anyone know what I've done incorrectly? Any idea would be helpful.

Thanks in advance