From:ED A
Subject:RE: how does Super10 brake light work? need the parts too. Date:Thu May 24 01:01:19 2012
Response to:17355
power comes off the same wire that goes to the head light..
my original was too rusted so I found an aftermarket replacement.
Tricky part about the fender wiring is the wire for the brake and running lights go through insulated feed bolts, see next couple of pictures.
there are also issues with the "original OEM tail lights" that are out there. There are two depths of light assemblies, not noted anywhere that I found. My electrical interface for the lamp was totally shot, so I purchased "an original OEM" per the orginal part number, which looked correct. When I went to mount it, it would not sit back far enough. once I compared the cans, I found mine was shorted by quarter of an inch. I was able to gut the electrical out of the new one, and rebuild my original. So just an FYI if you buy a fender without the light assembly.. you may have issues finding the correct light for that fender.

does anyone have pictures or know how the brake light should look on a Super 10? I just got this bike and want to register it but need a brake light and fender. I also need what ever makes it turn on when braking and pics of how it should look when on. Thanks.