From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: 1959 165 STU Date:Sat Jun 9 10:34:11 2012
Response to:17472
I got a stripped early frame and reattached all the tab that had been cut off. I replaced the foot pegs with an early foot peg mount that I got from Duane at "Taylor Classic"s. He let me measure a frame to get the tabs in the right place, size, and thickness. Its nice to have that resource near me.

The pictures in the members pages will give you lots of clues to the 59B. Note the coil mount and the horn tabs like you are aware of. Also not that the frame is near the universal replacement (#8). The STU engine you have wasn't made much and might easily been placed in this frame 1n the late 50s but the frame mounted stand remains a conundrum. Doug

In the "how to restore" section at the top, in the frame section, my frame looks like number 7. The jiffy stand is mounted in that fashion, just inside the left foot peg. If this is a frame that a 125 would have been built on I would prefer to find a correct engine. Where would the best place be to search for one? Is there someplace that would list what the 1959 B would come with. i.e. speedo, bars, grips, what type of horn and where it would be mounted, i guess i need any and all info to start this project.

Titles are becoming more and more of an issue. In some states there is no problem. In fact there are some states where you don't need a title for anything earlier than a specific year depending on the state. If you google Broadway Title they used to keep an updated list of the "bad" states and what the issues were. My 81 year old mother went into the Illinois DMV to request a replacement title for a Henderson my dad bought in the mid 40's and they told her she was screwed as they didn't keep records that far back.


You may have a bitsa. The engine a STU would be a "low horsepower" 165 (it'll has a shroud around the carburetor). A frame with a side stand mounted on the frame would be a 1948 or 49 frame, but that would have a toolbox & horn mounts and the coil would hang below the top tube. You probably have a -Modified- bike. So what clean it up paint it ride it - have fun. or trade for the parts you want, your choice. Again have fun. Bitsa = bits of this - bits of that.

Title is another question, not easily answered. What state do you live in? No, I know you live in the state of eternal optimism, beyond that --. Someone just posted issues with getting a title in Wisconsin. Maine is reputed to be willing to issue a registration for old vehicles with only a bill of sale. In Oregon I got a title with bills of sale for piles of parts.

The stand? how is it mounted? the original was bolted to a plate behind the footpeg, this plate has vertical slots each side of the bolt. If yours isn't like this its an aftermarket stand.


I just picked up a basket case bike. It was half together and half in a box. The problem is i dont know what i have. Is it a 125 or 165? I received some documents, some state that its a 1959 Hummer B, some state that its a 1959 ST. But the engine stamping shows 59STU3308. My jiffy stand is part of the frame and not part of the peg. I dont have tabs for a tool box or horn on the rear left and right side. I have done some research over the last couple days on many sites. I guess i am just really confused as to what i have here, could it be a 125 that someone replaced the engine with a 165? Did they do a 165 with no tabs for the tool box and horn? Once its figured out what i have, is it hard to obtain a title?