From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: question about my 52 hummer Date:Mon Jun 11 08:36:51 2012
Response to:17480

Production figures are in How To Restore, which were taken from Harley's book "The Legend Begins". For 1952, there were 4576 bikes produced, which means the last serial number was 5576. So you're pretty close.

The common wisdom has been that serial numbers started at 1001. However, there was an article in the AMCA magazine about a year ago that showed several H-D engines with serial number 1000. Anybody know what issue that was?

I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not my 52 hummer is the last one off the assembly line in 52? the vin # is52s5454, I was told it was and was trying to find out how to verify for future showings of the bike.

thanks for any help Jim