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I do have a rebuilt 59B motor that my Father rebuilt, needs carb, $1,400 shipping included.

Leroy Lange
Good News, i have located the title. It shows this to be a 1959 Hummer B. So i have a bike someone put a 165 engine in. I am going to be on the hunt for a 1959 B engine if anyone has info. I have alot of parts that i dont think i need. I will take a picture of all of my parts and of my frame and post them all to a website. If anyone has pictures of 1959 B's so i can look at what this is suppost to look like. I look forward to talking, learning and building this exciting product. Any pictures can be sent to my e-mail. Thank you

Many states have a procedure like Martin described for Montana. Some states make it easy, some make it very difficult. Some just don't allow it, or restrict it to licensed garages only. And the states seem to change their procedures every few years.

I just checked the Broadway and International Title Service web sites, and things have changed considerably - and the prices have gone way up. Broadway says $375 in one place and $495 in another. International doesn't have a price list - they provide individual quotes.

The prices surprised me - when I got a title for my Hummer 7 or 8 years ago, International charged me $75. Times have changed - and not for the better.

Your state _may_ have a procedure for "vehicle abandoned on your property", or "mechanic's lien for storage charges" or something like that. Given today's title service prices, it's worth it to check it out.

As Doug said "What state are you in?" Maybe another Hummerite who lives in your particular state has done this recently and can give you pointers.

Google "abandoned vehicle your-state". You may be lucky and find exactly what you need. Example:

Yes, you can do it in Virginia, but if you read the directions on the link above, this is going to take several months, several trips to the DMV, and maybe a certified letter or two. Not for the faint of heart. But only $25. Of course, this is not counting gas, taking time off work to go to the DMV, etc.

If Google doesn't return anything helpful, plan on spending some time at the DMV, the local/state police and local courthouse too. This is not a "normal" transaction, so the clerk you speak to may have no clue, and you're going to have to do some digging.

Or you can pony up the bucks for the title service.


Title :
I know in Montana there is a what is called a "Break in Title" procedure,where,You go to the courthouse and explain to them tht You have this machine,the title was lost many years ago and the owner ca`nt be reached.Our courthouse people will then hand You a vehicle inspection paper,You have an LEO come over and inspect the numbers on the bike,or car,and the LEO {sherrif,H.P.,or local cop}will write those numbers on Your paper and sign,You then take that paper to the courthouse and hand it back,they will then charge ten dollars and send Your papers in,It will be about a month and voila,You are setting with a brand new title for Your machine.
You might give that a try in Your state/county and see if they have the same type of services.