From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: '54 165 ST Drive chain rubs fender Date:Sun Jun 17 15:49:30 2012
Response to:17496
Before you try to alter the fender check (again) the wheel centering in the frame, and the nuts & washers on each side of the wheel. There is a possibility you can bend (re-bend) the fender to give clearance but you'll have to do it after you've warmed the paint.

With a block of wood carve what you want the inside of the fender to look like use a paint stripper heat gun (like a hair dryer) you may be able to warm the painted fender and bend it around the form to the new shape. You'll get the grain of the wood pressed on the tire side of the fender but the paint might not crack where the new bend is nor where the old bend was removed. You can shield the rest of the fender from heat, possibly make an inside and outside mold to press the fender into the new shape but this will mar the finish surface.

Remember where it is, most will never look that closely but a judge might. And a judge will mark you off less for an oil smudge than for a notch in the fender.


Almost done with restoration, chain is hitting the fender both coming and going, hate to mess up this nice clear coat paint job, do I dremel tool a nothch(s) or bend fender?
I have seen pics of fenders that are stepped for this but my stock one is not.
Thanks for any advice. Not a 100 point job.