Subject:RE: RE: RE: My '56 ST Date:Mon Jun 18 00:42:49 2012
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Thanks, Dave

Ordering now -

I will keep the buddy seat, but after all these years I think I have the 'buddy'
built in... Think I will install a solo saddle




Check over in the Parts section - under Harley-Davidson. The 1958-1966
American-made Lightweights book - Part# 99444-93 - contains a 1966
Service Manual, a 1966 Parts Book, and both Topper books as a bonus!
Most of the info in the Service Manual is applicable to your 1956.

The buddy seat which looks like it came off a bucking bronco ride is the
correct one. They're uncommon, but you do see them at swap meets once
in a while. I think the banana-style buddy seat didn't appear until around
1959 or 1960.

Most people, then and now, opted for the solo seat. It looks better, and
unless the payload is two 95-pound teenagers, the ST's power rating is
more appropriate for one rider.

But keep it - it's cool!



Thanks for the info and encouragement Think you are right about the
books -I ordered a parts manual last week but haven't been able to find a
service manual yet. If any of you know of a source, I will get it ordered. I'm
sure that it will make the project much easier.

As much as I hate to say it, the bike looks worse now than when I got it...
Dad's garage / shop / barn had some leaks along the way. Some surface
rust on the frame and tank now. Tires have the same flat spots it had when
I got it. I will try to get it out and snap a picture in the next couple of weeks.

It was kind of strange; mine has a big seat with grab bars on the back
corners that I have never seen on another one. When I was flipping
through the parts manual, I saw that there was an optional buddy seat that
looks just like the one mine has. The cycle-style seat that are usually on
them looks better, but maybe the buddy seat is rare?