Subject:RE: RE: Getting a Title Date:Thu Jun 21 18:35:22 2012
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Thanks Robbie


Titles services for most states are a red flag. I advise avoiding them! All states (and California is one of the easier!) have a process for titling vehicles with lost paperwork. Contact the head office in Sacramento and they can supply you with forms as needed. It generally involves an inspection by law enforcement and a bonding process. No big deal and they are very willing to issue titles.
I wrote earlier about buying my ST 165 for $15 in 1966... I was a kid and the guy I bought it from was a kid - there was no title or even a bill of sale (that I can remember). Since I was always off road when I was riding the bike, the lack of a title and tags was never a problem.

If I restore it and want to register it, I suspect that it will be.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the title replacement services that are out there? I am in California and our DMV seems to have no sence of humor about things like this. My brother is in Washington state; however, they don't sound much better.

Ideas or advice would be appreciated.