From:Dr Pepper
Subject:1953 Hummer with 6mi Date:Sat Jul 21 14:01:14 2012
I heard about a 1953 HD hummer with 6mi on it in a pawn shop on the SC-NC border-Rt-17. Just had to see it with my own eyes so I went on a road trip. Salesman says it was in a restaurant/bar and given to a contractor for payment??? I've heard this before(I think,,found the post for the 5mi bike but not the 6)
It was a real nice piece for sure,Firestone tires and HD battery~all the good stuff.Speedo said 6.5mi~~Then I started with the math,,6.5mi divided by 59yrs= .1101694mi per year or .0003018mi a day..Then I wondered how far the orginial owner lived from the dealership(must have been next door)Then when you factor in how far its been pushed for the last 59yrs and subtract it from 6=?,lets say 3--in that first 3miles home he had to take both side covers off rounding off flats on bolts and philip head screws,seems quit a few bolts must have falling off but were replaced befor hitting the pawn shop and I would have thought HD would have done a little better with the paint,orange peel in fenders.I was amazed at how much road grime was up way under the motor. Hummmm! and the price was $18,000.00 and that was bottom line. With my limited knowledge I would say this doesn't sound correct but worth the ride.
Found a 48 in NC with home made crash bars that attached to the foot pegs,the owner sweared it was original Hummer so I left it at that. Found enough parts to start a new 1948 project~Life is good!