From:Brian in Chicago
Subject:RE: RE: 1964 Pacer switch needed Date:Mon Jul 30 07:25:19 2012
Response to:17607
I think he means the Key Switch #71497-60?
Which was a Dealer Option to Add to your bike.
Switch, Key, Mounting Bracket, and Wiring was in the kit.

The Key Switch is alot rarer than the Rear Rack. IMO

Really like that luggage rack on the 64...never saw one...would look good on my 63....BTW don'rt recall an ignition switch on my 63...just the kill switch...?

I finally got my 64 pacer running, thanks Bruce.
Now I need an ignition switch. I found a couple on the internet but they are 3 pole switches the original switch for this bike is a 2 pole switch. Right now I have a toggle switch on it just so my son can ride it but I would like to get the original style switch for it.

any help would be appreciated.