Subject:RE: Re: frame numbers Date:Wed Aug 1 18:41:15 2012
Response to:17625
It's not flawed. The 51 models weren't stamped. It started in 1952, but even if ya used A2, the 1952 frame was a hanging coil bracket and removable foot rest shafts type frame, the 62 frame had the coil mounted on the front frame down tube and had a solid footrest shaft so it was easy to tell the year. Big twin and 45 tranny cases used teh A! system in the 40's and when it went to 1950, the date code actually said A50

Just curious, seems like this Letter/Number system is flawed.

What would due the difference from a frame made in January 51' (A1) from a frame made in January 61' (A1)? 52'/62'...Etc