From:John Fairgrieve
Subject:RE: #40 vs 428 chains Date:Thu Aug 9 11:31:45 2012
Response to:17654
The 428 chain is a little stronger than the #40 chain. The only difference I can see is that the roller diameter is .312 on the #40 & #425 and .335 on the #428. This difference may not allow the rollers to seat properly on your sprocket. The roller pins are also larger on the 428 chain but this wouldn'r make any difference. I would not use the #428 if it were me.

Can I run a 428 chain as a substitute for the #40? I was looking for a 425 as I know they are the same but I got shipped a 428 and the guy says it is the same. I know there is a slight difference but will it work?