From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: battery Date:Tue Aug 14 22:52:19 2012
Response to:17683
Check your light bulb! Hook the bulb directly to the battery charger - does the light bulb light?

The only source for H-3 batteries for the past dozen years or more is V-Twin, and every report I've heard was these batteries would not even last a whole year. seems to be just an eBay store reselling other people's parts. The picture of the battery on their eBay store looks amazingly like the one in the V-Twin catalog.

When this battery dies, get yourself one of the fake battery boxes, and a 6v gel cell to go inside. The fake boxes look pretty good, and the gel cells are available from a local "battery warehouse" type of place for $20.

You should look in the Parts section of this website to see if someone there sells what you're looking for before you go shopping on eBay. Try Duane Taylor.

NO change on the meter, in either case.
I contacted the seller - they said trickle charge 24 hours
so i will see what happens. thanks


Does your charger have a meter to show the amount of charge
rate? What is the battery voltage reading with the lamp


I purchased a 6 volt reproduction battery from
It sat dry for several months, then I recently put in the
electrolyte, put it on a six vole charger overnight.

It registers 6 volts on my multimeter, but it will not light
up a 6 volt bulb.

Question should I junk it and go the other route where a
more modern battery fits in the repro box ?

How can I tell if it is 12 amps? that is what I need isnt

1954 ST 165