Subject:RE: Paint Date:Fri Aug 17 15:15:53 2012
Response to:17714
Yes, regretfully Antique Cycle Supply is no more!
Contact John Pierce Colorwrite for samples and paint.

Hi All,

I was looking on the board regardng paint colors and tried to go to the recommended vendor's site, Antique Cycle Supply. No luck. Checking some other boards, it looks like they are no longer in business.

Any ideas of where accurate color paint / paint chips can be had?

Also, I have been kicking around how to finish the frame (and possibly wheels if I decide to paint them). Long ago, I was a painter and always had good luck with urethane / polyurethane paints, but never did motorcycles. My brother is a big fan of powder coating. I like the idea that I can repair any paint I spray, but powder coating is supposed to be more durable.

Any opinions one way or the other?