From:Brent e-mail:CDF whatever
Subject:RE: RE: engraved side cover Date:Mon Aug 27 23:54:30 2012
Response to:17746
John, that's a bit rough. It took years before the lightweights were accepted....Dave put a lot of time in getting them where they are today. There are many covers out there that won't ever come back to original...and now we've attracted an artist who is willing to endorse our hobby? Willing to put art to a 'Hummer' cover? I say "Yes".

Why do you want to destroy good side covers?

I wanted to see what I could engrave on a Harley Hummer 165 side cover. So I was wondering if anyone had a right or left or both side cover in nice shape that they would donate.

I was thinking of documenting the process and posting it on here for anyone looking to learn how to engrave along the way and show updated of the project as it moves along. Please let me know if anyone wants to help me out with a cover or two.