Subject:RE: fake battery box where can you buy one thanks Date:Sat Sep 1 18:20:11 2012
Response to:17758
I bought one of the reproduction batteries on ebay and was not
pleased with it at all and found out later they dont have such
a good reuputation at all.
I could not get a refund so I took a beating, $90 bucks or so
and gutted it out. Took a dremel tool and cut the bottom and
the top out creating a "fake battery box.
I purchased a six volt gel cell 14 ah ($22)that is commonly
used for the exit signs in buildings when the power goes out.
I notched down near each post and ran my leads from the gel
cell to the underside of an inverted bolt thru the original
battery posts. This gave me a new post to screw onto. It
works fine. I put velcro on the carrier and the bottom of the
gell cell to make it fast and inserted peices of rubber on the
sides to make it fit tight in the box.