From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: new registration in CA Date:Tue Sep 4 19:31:52 2012
Response to:17780
Matt - good job!

David - I looked at the Reg 256 section G. I don't know how things work in California, but I suspect that you will have to explain how, when, and from whom you purchased the bike, and why you do not have a title or bill of sale.

Something like: "I purchased this motorcycle in YEAR from a man in CITY, STATE. The engine did not run, and it took me many years to find replacement parts and rebuild the engine. Now I am ready to register the motorcycle, but I can not find the title. I do not remember the seller's name."

I'd fill out two copies of Reg 256, one with section G blank, and one with section G filled in - that will explain the situation to the DMV clerk. Undoubtedly they will need something else, but you'll have a good head start.

Maybe Matt will find something different when he registers his.

Good luck!

David - I called CA DMV and they said you will need the following forms filled out and brought with you:

Reg256 - Statement of Facts
Reg343 - Application for Title or Registration

You can find them here:

Or by searching the DMV website. They will then require a visual inspection by a CHP officer at the DMV location. The guy on the phone said to fill out section G of Reg256 but I do not know exactly what information is required. I will wait til I go in and find out. I do know that you will want to register it as new and not a transfer.

I will be going through this process shortly. I purchased a '62 Scat (has one of those universal body replacements?) on Saturday. From what I have been told, be sure you have a bill of sale. That is the most important item for registering a vintage vehicle in CA. Nearly impossible to reg. it if you don't! I will be calling the DMV on Tuesday to find out if I have to have it visually inspected before I can get my new title. If you respond to this, I will remember to update you when I find out.

You can get the BoS from CA-DMV here:

I live in Santa Barbara CA. I am restoring A 60BT Harley Hummer. It has no paper work, and I need to get it registered. Is there anyone who could offer me some assistance in getting this process started? Does anyone know what information I would need to have with me at the DMV? What the DMV form # might be? Thanks!