From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Another Battery Date:Tue Sep 4 20:14:55 2012
Response to:17782

I looked at the Shorai web site, and they make two six volt batteries LFX18A2-BS06 and LFX18L2-BS06 - they're the same except the terminals are reversed.

Dimensions: 4.45W x 2.28D x 3.50H
Original: 4.18W x 3.56D x 5.37H

They appear to be much wider and much shorter than the original - sounds like it will take some work to make them fit in the battery box / strap.

Did you see one in person?

Here's the link to the dimensions

The buzz from Davenport is the Shorai lithium battery:
they make one 6V unit and it's 18amps in a very small size. Designed for motorcycle use so vibration shouldn't be a problem ... Perry