From:Matt O
Subject:RE: RE: Frankenstein? Date:Wed Sep 5 12:18:20 2012
Response to:17787
And this one

How about some pictures of what you've got?

I looked in the 1963 and 1957 Parts Books, but I didn't see the numbers you mentioned anywhere. Where are they stamped?

According to the chart Mutt supplied (Chapter 64), the carb should be a MT-82A. However, the bike should run with the 71A, just not as well. But - bigger fish to fry first.

So post some pictures so we can be more helpful.


So I came across a guy selling a '1951 Harley Hummer 125cc'. According to his sign anyways. I ended up purchasing it. This will be my first restore. Well, first bike period.

I get it home and look up the serial number. 62BTH44**. According to the chart, 1962 Scat 175cc. Judging by the size of the engine and comparing it to images of 125's and 175's it is definitely the 175.

I take the carburetor off and clean it up a bit. It was pretty gunky. It's a Tillotson with MT-71A stamped on it. According to , it was originally for a Cushman Scooter 765 Eagle (1958-59). I don't think the 71A was ever meant for a Harley.

The frame most resembles #8 ( ). Only numbers I see stamped on are 47454-53 and 45692-53 (it might be 45682-53). It looks to be in pretty good condition.

Probably not the correct handlebars. Gas tank does look like it might be original. Things I know it's missing: wiring, throttle and linkage, footrests, exhaust, coil, headlight, horn. Maybe I should have started with what IS there.

What I would like to know is:

1. What year and model is this?
2. How should I restore it for it to have the most value?