From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Frankenstein? Date:Wed Sep 5 19:38:50 2012
Response to:17788
The 51 forks are a 1 year only item, grease zerks for lubrication near the bottom, and solid top caps, no fill the forks with oil plugs on the top.

Sorry about that. Will have to take some photos later. Right now, I only have these 2 pics.

How about some pictures of what you've got?

I looked in the 1963 and 1957 Parts Books, but I didn't see the numbers you mentioned anywhere. Where are they stamped?

According to the chart Mutt supplied (Chapter 64), the carb should be a MT-82A. However, the bike should run with the 71A, just not as well. But - bigger fish to fry first.

So post some pictures so we can be more helpful.


So I came across a guy selling a '1951 Harley Hummer 125cc'. According to his sign anyways. I ended up purchasing it. This will be my first restore. Well, first bike period.

I get it home and look up the serial number. 62BTH44**. According to the chart, 1962 Scat 175cc. Judging by the size of the engine and comparing it to images of 125's and 175's it is definitely the 175.

I take the carburetor off and clean it up a bit. It was pretty gunky. It's a Tillotson with MT-71A stamped on it. According to , it was originally for a Cushman Scooter 765 Eagle (1958-59). I don't think the 71A was ever meant for a Harley.

The frame most resembles #8 ( ). Only numbers I see stamped on are 47454-53 and 45692-53 (it might be 45682-53). It looks to be in pretty good condition.

Probably not the correct handlebars. Gas tank does look like it might be original. Things I know it's missing: wiring, throttle and linkage, footrests, exhaust, coil, headlight, horn. Maybe I should have started with what IS there.

What I would like to know is:

1. What year and model is this?
2. How should I restore it for it to have the most value?

The 51