Subject:RE: RE: welders Date:Tue Oct 2 22:12:00 2012
Response to:17853
Thanks for all the input. I'll probably wait on the welder for now and take this job to the shop to see what they can do for me.

I've heard they don't have a long life and a short duty cycle. but they are inexpensive. I've no direct experience just comments on a Blacksmith group I'm on. check your local craigslist, a "cheap" welder would be better built at smaller cost. just my opinion, but I have a Miller 135 & use it for most everything. Doug

Has anybody had any experience with any of the welders sold by harbor freight? I was thinking about getting the 170 amp mig/flux wire welder and wondered if anybody had any thoughts good or bad. I need it for some frame welding and re-welding on new motor mounts.