From:matt gillespie
Subject:RE: Harley Hummers Date:Wed Nov 7 10:37:08 2012
Response to:17908
hi my name is matt gillespie i am a owner of a brand new harley and my son has a huge interest in harleys as well we both love the harley hummer and are serching for exactaly what you have i would offer you 500.oo for either bike please respond back with your response thankyou very much matt

I have two 1950's model Harley Davidson 165cc hummers and a pile of parts. The bikes have been sitting in the barn for 30 years and need to go to a good home for restoration. I know nothing about bikes. If anyone is interested I am interested in selling or trading in a HURRY! Email me and you can come take a look or make an offer. Located in southern Illinois