From:Harry McGill
Subject:RT-8 Taillights Date:Thu Nov 8 19:00:29 2012
Over the last few years I have acquired several well used and abused RT-8 fixtures and most at premium prices. Also, NOS Lens and Door (Bezel) at premium prices. Now I find that the RT-8 taillights are almost the same as for 1954-55 Chevrolet Truck, including proper script on the lens except they DO NOT have a license light feature. If interested in RT-8 check A pair of new “First Series” assemblies are $69.00.
If you are just looking for a new lens and door (Bezel), you can also check they have the Bezel $4.95, gaskets, lamps, no script and blue dot lens and did have some “First Series” Lens (with proper script) $7.00.