From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Value of 1949s (1948?) Date:Sat Nov 17 12:27:52 2012
Response to:17948

Whoops! I said "Flight Blue" in my original posting.
Flight Red and Azure Blue were available starting around May 1949 (see Restore chapter 12).

Here's a problem. The paint chip given to us by Antique Cycle Supply (Restore Chapter 60) shows Azure Blue as a dark blue. Over at Colorwrite, John Pierce has a picture of Azure Blue for 1948 (his color list is for big twins) which is much lighter.

For big twins, 1947 had Skyway Blue, 1948 Azure Blue, and 1949 Peacock Blue. The Legend Begins says [for big twins]: "Azure blue takes the place of skyway blue for 1948. It is a lighter, more brilliant blue and we feel it will prove very popular".

So what did Azure Blue really look like? I don't know, but I suspect it was more like Colorwrite's example. Unfortunately, color brochures from those years are pretty scarce. If anyone has one showing a 1948 big twin, or 1950 Model 125, that would help answer the question.


P.S. Ron Zwick noticed my word mixup. Thanks Ron.

Thanks Dave! This actually helps a lot.