From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: Title requirement Date:Sun Nov 25 16:15:01 2012
Response to:17967
DMV here seem to think nothing may be home built or assembled. And nothing that now needs a title was ever sold without a title, and no honorable person would ever have bought a "titleable" object with out a title.

My home built trailer really through them for a loop but they did issue a title when I proved I bought most of the materials.


Various states have various rules. In Oregon I've got title through previous owner getting title in other state (Idaho), Title service (years ago), Hoop jumping through the abandoned vehicle/mechanics lien rules All methods have difficulty. I've heard the "International Title service" doesn't work any more. State rules about mechanics liens may be the best route, lost & transfered ownership creates a search and documentation nightmare, but can be done (here in Oregon). One I've never checked is a "This bike has never been titled" route.

Again every state has different rules. Some like Vermont? don't title bikes older than 1970?

If you find a Title getting method you might make a bundle buying untitled bikes and getting the things legal. (Or go to jail because you'd look like a thief to the police).

Good luck. Doug
I tried to ask the DMV in California already but got no answer. So i like to ask here since when In California title is required for motorcycles? The motorcycle I'm interested in is build in 1963.
Thanks for responding