Subject:RE: RE: RE: Value of 1949s (1948?) where are you located? Date:Sun Nov 25 21:57:21 2012
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Thanks Dave! This actually helps a lot.


This does appear to be a nice (almost) complete original bike.
Flight Blue paint, chrome rims and chrome handlebars were
optional that year.

The fenders, headlight, taillight, tank, toolbox, muffler, etc. all
seem to be in nice original condition.

It even appears to have an original (or period aftermarket)
battery in it. Even dead, original batteries are a plus. It could,
however, be a "shell", it's hard to tell from the picture.

Also hard to tell from the picture is the kickstand. The bike
appears to be propped up on the footpeg with something with
ropes, not sure.

The seat pan is incorrect - it is from a 1950 or later model.

Are those 3.25 x 19 Firestone 2-ply tires?

The position of the shift and kickstart levers indicate that it
hasn't been started in awhile. Were they knocked about in
storage, or are there engine/transmission problems?

The condition of the engine is a big factor in price. Will it start
and run and drive around? Will the engine at least turn over,
or is it frozen? A complete rebuild can cost up to $1000, so
obviously this affect the selling price a lot.

You'll have to watch eBay and see what prices bikes in similar
condition are fetching today. But it does seem to be almost
complete and original, which is hard to find these days.


Looking to find the value range for this bike. Looks to be in
good condition but I know there are a lot of variables.

Thanks in advance,