From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Title requirement Date:Wed Nov 28 21:08:56 2012
Response to:17977
Note that the distance made problems, More hoops to jump through. The easiest Title I got was from a purchase in Idaho, where I bought the bike with a promise of a title. When I applied in Oregon they asked the seller who promptly went to Idaho DMV and applied then sent it to Oregon. The Idaho laws are somewhat easier than Oregon. He had a bill-of-sale from previous owner. Doug

I DID go the "Never been titled" route for my 56B, which
had been my father's (and never been titled). The first
thing required was a Vehicle Identification, which had to
be done by a State Trooper. I had to take the bike to the
local (county) State Troopers office for this physical
identification and the proper paperwork. The engine serial
number works O.K. for these old bikes.
The next, and most important item you must "prove" is how
you came about being in possession (alleged "owning") the
bike. A notorized Bill of Sale generally works, but as both
my father and mother were deceased, that wasn't possible in
my case. My older brother, who was the executor of my
mother's estate signed a Bill of Sale, and had it notorized.
However, that presented another issue, because my brother is
currently a resident of Ohio, and the bike had been in PA
until I had it shipped to Colorado.
So, in addition to the Bill of Sale, I had to have
"Records Searches" done for the bike in PA, where the bike
came from, AND in Ohio, because that's where my oldest
brother lived, and where the Bill of Sale was signed &
I also had to fill out a form called a "Statement of
Fact," which was a blank page where I could explain the
history of the bike, and how it came to be in my possession.
The whole process took a few months, but I finally got a
CO State title. I did all this through my COUNTY DMV. The
people there were great. I began the process by taking a
photo of the recently restored 56B to the County DMV, and
simply asked how to go about obtaining a CO Title for the
bike. The clerk(s) at the county DMV were VERY helpful, and
started by giving me all the proper forms, and outlining the
process for me, beginning with the Sate Vehicle
Identification by the State Trooper.
Hope this is helpful. (I had never even heard of using a
"Title Service" before reading about it on this site).


Various states have various rules. In Oregon I've got title
through previous owner getting title in other state (Idaho),
Title service (years ago), Hoop jumping through the
abandoned vehicle/mechanics lien rules All methods have
difficulty. I've heard the "International Title service"
doesn't work any more. State rules about mechanics liens may
be the best route, lost & transfered ownership creates a
search and documentation nightmare, but can be done (here in
Oregon). One I've never checked is a "This bike has never
been titled" route.

Again every state has different rules. Some like Vermont?
don't title bikes older than 1970?

If you find a Title getting method you might make a bundle
buying untitled bikes and getting the things legal. (Or go
to jail because you'd look like a thief to the police).

Good luck. Doug
I tried to ask the DMV in California already but got no
answer. So i like to ask here since when In California title
is required for motorcycles? The motorcycle I'm interested
in is build in 1963.
Thanks for responding