From:Doug Miller
Subject:RE: Titles Date:Thu Nov 29 01:43:57 2012
Response to:17989
Sounds like a plan. I had such a hard time getting a title to a trailer built from 2 20 foot pieces of 1-1/2 X 3 tubing how would any one get a title to any home built or assembled from pieces. Petition your representatives in congress. Doug

Hummm. All this discussion, including the basic impossibility of titling an untitled antique bike/car here in Jersey made me realise the obvious question....what has the AMCA to say about this? We're Nationwide and pay dues. Have they broached the subject with the State reps? Would Obama be willing to issue a National Title for the right payoff--- (oops, user fee) to get these bikes on the road? How about J.C. Taylor? They've been taking my money for years for the few miles I put on my bikes. Are there other Antique insurers that would like more M/C (car) business? Let's write to them, let's start a movement...after all, we all know this is actually BS that they are giving us such a hard time and it really doesn't need to exist.
Even if 1% of these bikes were actually 'stolen' in the past there has to be a statute of limitations.