From:John Fairgrieve
Subject:RE: Titles Date:Mon Dec 3 22:47:37 2012
Response to:18015
I wonder what they would have said to you if your reply was that you father had passed away many years ago?

Just in case it helps anyone I will tell the "title story" about my 56 ST165. I got this bike by accident, it was set out for the garbage by a lady in 1975, I was 16. It then sat in my dads basement in PA until 2009. I now live in FL, after I was finished fixing it up, I did a title search in PA and found out they do not have any records before 1987 I think it was, because there was a fire back then and all DMV records were lost. They also went on to say PA does not keep any title records after 10 years unless the vehicle has plates on it. I then went to the FL DMV and asked them what they needed to title my bike. They started out by giving me a hard time then I explained I was not going to go away, and FL law says if you have a vehicle in your position you must have a title, and I wasn't giving the bike up after having it for 34 years, so they need to tell my what they want to get a title. After that, they told me to get my dad to send me an affidavit saying it was his and he gave it to as a gift, and there no leans on it. He did that and sent a bill of sale. The next day I received the FL title and plates, the person in the office said they were happy I put it on the road after all those years. It pays to not take NO for an answer. Don't forget they work for us. Good luck.