From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Seat Rail Date:Wed Dec 26 18:38:09 2012
Response to:18078
Never seen one - nor can I imagine what its function would be. This bike has chrome seat springs, chrome headlight, chrome something else on the front end, and the front fender seems to be missing an inch on the leading edge.

The seat rail on a buddy seat would be either for the buddy to hang on to, or to tie stuff to if you weren't packing a buddy. But it makes no sense on a solo seat.

I wouldn't object to finding this under my tree though.


Never have seen one - anyone else?

Here is the URL


Just saw a pic on the Wheels Through Time web sight of a model 165 "under the Christmas Tree" on it there is a seat rail on the solo seat. Anyone know if these were an option or was it home made? Thanks.