From:chuck maize
Subject:RE: RE: Need 1955 B 125 Hummer advice/Help Date:Thu Dec 27 04:33:18 2012
Response to:18084
Should show spark in open air, plug on head...gotta be weak magnet, coil, condenser, points, wiring, timing, etc. JMHO

I can't answer all your questions as that will take the experts here on the Exchange....I can tell you that to find out if it's the crank shaft seals is simple. If you've done everything else and have good spark, remove the spark plug and put a dribble of gas/oil mix in. Replug it and kick it. If it fires and then refuses to run it's the seals. Experience has shown the seals are almost always bad as time has taken it's toll. Rather than futzing around with it until you drive yourself crazy to the point of giving up I'd suggest sending your motor out to one of our rebuilders. The rest of the project is the fun part. To make my point look out into your driveway. Would you personally rebuild your truck engine? Now, look at your snowblower. Would you attempt that? I can do both but konow that when it comes to something specialized (especially since this is antique parts time) give the job to the guys that know what they're doing. You won't regret it.

Hey Guys and Gals! Recentlly aquired a 1955 B Hummer 125. I have been going in circles trying to get this thing started. Due to my inexperiance with this bike I feel like I need some help. First thing I did was I cleaned the carb and tank. I have fuel now. Did the old thumb trick on the plug hole. Feels like it has decent compression. Next I moved onto spark. This where I feel I am having an issue. Adjusted the piont gap and replaced the condensor. There is no boot on the plug wire so I can check to see if there is spark coming through the wire before it gets to the plug. There is enough spark to give me a good jolt. But when I attach the plug to the plug wire and ground the plug to the cylinder head there is no visible spark. I say visible because I can hold my thumb on the electrode and it will shock me? Any ideas? I have never messed around with this magneto setup. I dont want to just start buying parts to throw at this thing. Would prefer to learn how it works and ,ake an educated guess on what to do.

Oh and I have been reading a lot on the forum. I noticed a post regarding crankshaft seals. How do I know if bad crakncase seals may be the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help!