From:Dana Wassum
Subject:RE: hummer restoration help Date:Mon Jan 14 01:19:30 2013
Response to:18133
Mike - You've come to the right place (website)! There is all
kinds of experience in the Hummer Club to help you out, if you
decide to breath life back into your old chassis. I agree
with Dave - best way to start is to post some photos, so the
guys can see what you've got. Then, you can get LOTS of help
deciding where you should start with your restoration, should
you decide to do so. You can start with all the resources
listed in the PARTS section of this site - Both parts &
services for all phases of a restoration. Also, check out
MEMBERS PAGES for some great restoration stories & photos.

My dad and I have what I believe to be a 1951 "hummer". I have
basically a rolling chassis that is missing quite a few parts,
the major ones are engine/trans. My question is, is the bike
worth restoring, or should I start with somthing more
complete. Does anyone even have a complete powertrain? Call if
you can help 507-236-7576