From:Doug Miller (in Oregon)
Subject:RE: RE: Lots of White smoke out exhaust Date:Sun Jan 20 19:10:09 2013
Response to:18153
further Kieth, in one position both the intake into the crank chamber and the exhaust ports are open. It might have just built a drop of condensation a month and the crankcase would build up a lot of water in 30 years.

White smoke is usually water vapor though light blue from choking or over fueling the air/gas mix might look white. Did the engine run rough, blow white smoke and slowly smooth out possibly as the smoke diminished? If so there may have been water in the crank chamber white gon water gone. If it started with light blue and the warmer it got the more white the smoke became? You may have heated and vaporized the puddle in the bottom of the muffler, stand the bike slightly on it's tail if water is still coming out let it drain then start again. Doug

I bought a 165 for myself recently. Its past owner said he's known of the bike since 1984 and never saw it run. He had it as a display piece.. Anyway, I didn't have too much trouble getting it running after shoring up some wiring and cleaning the carb and tank. However, it has a lot of white smoke pouring out of the exhaust. Is it just burning off 30-40 years of whatever or ???? Any advice on what else it could be or a solution? Thanks for any help